Global Framework Agreement (Gfa)

There are no legal enforcement mechanisms for AFIs at the global level. Although there have been relatively few complaints about an IFA, IndustriALL suspended its global declaration on social rights and labor relations of the Volkswagen Auto Group in January 2019 because it refused to allow workers at one of its U.S. plants to join a union. [2] This example shows that complaints that are filed often violate the provisions of the IFA relating to freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining. On 27 January, IndustriALL and Michelin signed an agreement for the establishment of the Michelin Global Works Council. The new Council, which represents the group`s workers, will rely heavily on the work, methods and positive results of Michelin`s European Works Council (MEWC). The ILO notes that the number of IFAs signed from year to year between 2000 and 2016 has increased and that 115 agreements were concluded in 2016. The European Commission has set up a database of transnational enterprise agreements, with IFA and EDF indicating that 10 additional IFAs have been concluded in 2017 and 8 in 2018. The IFA generally focuses on the metallurgical, construction, chemical, food and service sectors, and it is generally accepted that such negotiations are initiated by trade unions.

IndustriALL has existing GFAs with the following multinationals. Click on each company to see more information and the text of the contract. IndustriALL and Inditex, one of the world`s largest apparel distributors, have agreed to create a global trade union committee to share best practices across the industry. Global unions IndustriALL, Public Services International (PSI) and Building and Wood Workers International (BWI) welcome and support the programme launched by the Energiemultiengie Group. Global unions recognize the recognition of the key role of trade unions and social dialogue in the current crisis to ensure the long-term viability of the company and the health, safety and well-being of its employees. Over a two-year period, IndustriALL`s subsidiaries in Turkey and Bangladesh successfully organized more than 50 subcontracting plants as part of an effective implementation program of global framework agreements. IndustriALL has also entered into global agreements with multinationals that cover specific key issues in all sectors of these companies. These include our global health and safety agreement with ArcelorMittal and our global sexual harassment agreement with Unilever.

Because the IFA serves to promote the key characteristics of national models of social partnership and cooperative labour relations, they are more relevant to enterprises established in social market economies where the representation of collective interests is the basis of labour regulation and the labour market. It is therefore not surprising that the spread of ifA to transnational companies outside continental Europe has remained quite limited so far, despite recent recent initiatives such as the 2018 agreement by Uni Global Union and Brazilian banking company Banco Itaé.

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