Etfo Yr Ot Collective Agreement

ETFO residents will now work with their respective school boards to negotiate local collective agreements. Electronic memos will continue to be e-mailed to members if necessary. It is the fastest, most efficient and most cost-effective way to communicate with members. Your collaboration in providing your non-board email address and information on changes is a great way to work together. Use the easy www.etfo-yr URL to access the “Refresh Me” page on our website. Help us keep you up to date. Members of the Ontario Elementary Teachers` Federation (ETFO) have voted in favour of centralized collective agreements with the Ontario government, the Ontario Public Schools Association and the Board of Trustee Associations: members are encouraged to register for the Provincial eNewsletter ETFO. To do this… Go to the ETFO website, go to the eNewsletter-In email address (top corner to the right of the home page) enter your personal email address (DO NOT enter YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS) and click GO. Once you have registered, you will receive eNewsletter with the information you need to stay abreast of your Union. If you`re looking for a form, you can find it under “Forms,” if you want to know about an event, you`ll find the information in “Events,” “Commissions” – and in the Calendar. We have a link to the Board`s bww website so that members can directly access our collective agreement from our website.

To access the information using a “mouse icon,” you need your YRDSB username and password. Violent special needs classroom incident still haunts York Region teacher 2 years later School board weighs best course of action for teachers, students… more Any item that is not considered a “central point” can be negotiated at the local level between the ETT and the Toronto District School Board (TDSB). . Visit the ETFO Collective Bargaining website for more information on the 2014 School Administration Act. All members are invited to engage and participate in the negotiations. With the passage of Bill 122, the School Boards` Collective Bargaining Act in 2014, all monetary items are now negotiated at the provincial level between ETFO, the ministry and the Ontario Public School Boards` Association (OPSBA). ETFO has launched a new website for ETFO members who share the assessment “With our members, we would like to thank parents and other supporters for standing together for public education last year,” Hammond added. It is important that all members visit this site regularly, as all local information is published there.

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